Inexorable destruction by convergence of data

I just had an impending feeling of doom. You know sometimes when you see a possible future, a choice, a link, an action and somewhere down the line something bad could happen. Maybe, just maybe, you'll meet that person you've been avoiding all these years or read that book you've been avoiding or be forced to do something you've always dreaded doing. Maybe its a social situation, or a roller coaster ride, or an insect museum. But you can see how it might happen, if all the cards fell in just the right way. In just an instant you see it.

I had one of those today. The internet did it to me, and I don't think there is anything I can do to stop it. The internet and all its wonderful social networking power, is slowly, inexorably drawing humanity together. The theory of six degrees of seperation is becoming measurable and even if its off by a number or two, evenutually, we're going to find a way to link ourselves to anyone. At the very least to anyone we've ever known.


No matter how much you don't want to meat the bully from third grade or the person that dumped you 10th grade or the person you dumped in 11th grade. You're going to see them all. You aren't forced to add them to your facebook friends. But at some point they'll you be only one poke away from destruction.
Maybe we should always face our past or our fears, its good for us. But soon we're not going to have the option. And there is a sense in that the internet is doing this to us and we mere individuals are powerless to stop it. The social networking phenomenon is a natural progression and now that it has begun it will accelerate. So all these things will come to pass.

Prepare yourself for it.

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