Getting Vancouver to 2010

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I'm looking forward to the olympics coming in two years to Vancouver. I've never lived in a city when the olympics are on because I've always lived in Toronto and for some reason Toronto will never get the olympics. Well, lets hope Vancouver's games run smoothly, because they aren't off to a very promising start. I signed up to be a volunteer. I found out today that their process for interviewing and contacting volunteers is very naive. It turns out they only call people during business hours, 9 -5 and maybe until 1 on Saturdays. It's apparently very hard to get people to work outside these hours. They also do not leave messages if you aren't home or don't answer your phone at work because, get this, you can't call them back!

So, they need to find you, and there is no way for you to find them after they've called or even for you to know they've called. Its like they don't want to get in touch with volunteers except for unemployed people and students who stay at home all day. This is very strange. Rather than contacting people during the day they should only call people in the evening when they are more likely to be home. I hope they update their policy soon or they aren't going to get the best people that already have a busy schedule but want to help make these olympics great.

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