The Search Engine is the Key to your soul.

These days people search the internet a lot. They search for all manner of things, information on their stocks, new recipes or the latests stupid pet video. My wife an I were browsing togther last night and got into a disagreement over how to best find a particular item on the internet. She couldn't understand why I would enter a broad search meant to get me to the likely website with the video we were looking for. Likewise I could not understand why she wanted to search very specifically for that video, hoping that Google would find exactly what we sought.

We talked about it quite a bit and we realized that the way we each search actually says a lot about who we are as people. I approach a search on the web the way I approach many in thins in life. I think seriously first about a plan of action, my search phrase, then I implement it. Once I have committed to something I am very unwilling to change course. When I get my search results, unless it was a horrible set of links, I usually look at them carefully and click on one or two to see. I often search in such a way that I get onto aparticular site, after which point I will navigate locally to my content. So if I'm looking for an olympic video, I might search for it from google and then navgate withint the NBC site to find it. This is how I approach many things in life. I am committing to my plan for a while, trying to see it through on the belief that it was a good plan and I should give it a chance to work

Another approach, my wife's approach, is to try to get directly to your destination in one shot but be very willing to try different routes. So you could search for you video by providing a very detailed search pattern and no assumptions about where it will be. Then if the search doesn't work you simply try another. For search this may be a more efficient approach as long as google's index is very good and your search phrases are close to the mark. In life many problems and challenges face us every day. This approach would be characterized by a strategy that tries to always go straight to the source, to the root of the problem. It is someone who is willing to constantly adjust their plans as results come back so doesn't spend too much time planning and finding an optimal plan.

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