Watch If An Asteroid Hit Earth (VIDEO)

Cool video, but we'd see that sucker coming a long way away, much too large to be realistic. If its from our solar system, we know the name of it and would notice an event that changed its orbit to come after us. If its from out of the solar system the chances of it hitting are literally astronomical.

But sometimes overdoing it for effect can have its purposes. A smaller asteroid, only a few miles across is much more likely and while it wouldn't be as totally devestating as this, it would easily end the little global civilization we've got going and give the human survivors some very interesting shit to deal with. Even more likely, as in 100% chance, are even smaller asteroids several hundred metres across that could easily kill millions and enormously disrupt the world. These asteroids will hit us eventually, it may be in the next century, it may be in the next 50,000 years, but they will come and it won't be milions of years from now.

What are we doing about it? Not much, more surveys are looking for asteroids but they could be much better funded and the planning to deflect these asteroids, which is perfectly possible.

If the moon in this video comes we will have enough warning to launch some escape pods but we'll be doomed. But if something smaller comes by we may not have much warning at all, a few decades if we're lucky. And we're not ready.
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