Never mind Darwinism, watch out for Relativism

[digg=]The esteemed and wise ladies of the View have tipped off a bit of a firestorm, at least in my head, over their discussion about teaching evolution and creationism in school .  For me the most telling part of this is the fact that everyone, even Whoopi!, accepted the renaming of evolution as Darwinism.  This implies that evolution is some kind of cult of personality, that modern scientists are so enamored with Charles Darwin that they follow his theory of evolution slavishly like a religion.  In this way it is difficult to deny that Christians who don't believe in evolution are simply not so fond of Darwin and have a different set of beliefs and so it is perfectly valid to teach both beliefs on an equal level.   Its seems a very sensible approach, Barbara Walter introduced the topic as Darwinism vs. Creationism and the other ladies all went right along with it as a valid description.

Having brought up this point, it occurs to me that there is a much more insidious belief system permeating the scientific community that doesn't receive nearly enough attention.  I speak, of course, of Newtonianism and its more modern form, Relativism.  Did you know that modern physicists hold the absurd idea that all objects fall at the same rate regardless of what they are made up of or how heavy they are?  They would say that 1 ton of lead falls to earth at exactly the same rate as 1 ton of feathers or iron.  I find this whole notion truly strange, I feel gold is a more noble and pure substance and should speed to earth more quickly than lead.  And clearly, 1 ton of feathers is more airy and would not fall to earth as quickly as iron and gold.  Physicists will quibble that they mean this to be true in a vacuum once air resistance is accounted for but what they are really hiding is a love for Issac Newton's pet theory of Mechanics that purports to explain that this strange belief actually holds true in the world.  All of physics of the past few centuries has been nothing but  a popularity contest between notable theoreticians. Scientific experiments serve mainly to justify the beliefs of one group over another.  In such a way the cult of Albert Einstein usurped Newtonianism in the 1920's to lead us to a point today where almost all physicists are Relativists, so called after Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.  This belief system is actually consistent with Newtonianism, much as Christianity is with Judaism, but includes additional strange beliefs such as that time slows down as velocity increases and that the universe originated in a Big Bang about 12 Billion years ago.

Newtonianism, Darwinism and now Relativism are a threat to the fabric of our society.  These people are trying to tear down the binds of common sense and reason that hold our society together.  If we have to believe what we are told about the world from people who purport to know simply because they have observed the world in detail and seen that this is how it works then is it really belief?  The 'truths' these Relativisits are telling us are not 'true for me' and so why should I accept them?  I'm not going to teach Relativism to my children and have them worship at the feet of Einstein, Newton and Gallileo.  I and I alone will decide who's feet they worship at.

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