The Coming E-Book War

I've been meaning to comment on e-books for some time now, this will just be my stub post on the topic, which I'll update later.  You see,  I really want to buy and e-book reader.  I really do, but so far the options either have not been impressive enough or have been too expensive.  As far as I've seen the three contenders for being the last book I ever buy are:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch - by Apple

  • Kindle - by Amazon

  • Reader Digital Book - by Sony

  • iLiad - Irex

I'll add in comments later on what I find exciting about these products and what is stopping me from running out and buying them right now.

Related News

  • Strike Against Kindle : News today that Amazon is willing to delete previously purchased copies of books on your kindle.  They did apparently refund the cost to readers but that is hardly the point.  This is possible because of Amazon's admittedly very cool distribution system.  On a Kindle you can buy a book online anytime, anywhere through a free cellphone connection built into the Kindle.  Of course when Amazon says "anywhere" they mean the USA.  Being in Canada this is one of my main reasons for not yet diving into a Kindle.  The particular book deleted in this case is one of the best examples of irony in the real world I've seen in a long time.Read all about it : Amazon Remotely Deletes Purchased Copies of 1984 and Animal Farm From Thousands of Kindles
    Update: Turns out those deleted books were uploaded by third parties onto Amazon's Kindle bookservice just like they can on the main Amazon website, so they simply deleted copies that did not have the proper copyrights.  So much for Big Brother... Amazon has also promised to update their policies so that in future when this happens the offending copies will not be removed from those who have already purchased them.