The best use of Twitter yet devised… #songsincode !

Here are some of my contributions and some of my favourites I've seen in the recent extravaganza of geekiness on twitter (is that redundant?) Here is the story from the guys who spawned #songsincode, with some tips on how to start a trend.

My contributions to songsincode.

My favourite #songsincode contributions from others so far

Twitter version:
this=new TheSongThatNeverEnds(); ...
message(me.friends, this + " will go on and on"); #songsincode

Long Version:
public class TheSongThatNeverEnds{

   public TheSongThatNeverEnds(int some){

      people = new Persons(some);



   public void sing(Persons people){

      boolean goOnSinging = true;

      for(int i=0; i<forever; i++){

         this = new TheSongThatNeverEnds();

         message(me.friends, this + " will go on and on");


         assert(goOnSinging && i<forever);

         //just because



   stopSinging = false;



Update : I just found another fantastic use of twitter, maybe not quite as fun as #songsincode but less
work and really, really cool, I'll have to find out if its automated and how they do it.
Its called and it takes currently appearing tweets and pairs them in rhyming couplets. That's it
but it turns Twitter into a huge, inadvertent poetry jam. very awesome.


  1. #songsincode and #twitcode are the two most interesting uses for twitter I've seen so far. My favourite song is this classic by royvanrijn:

    for(Leaf leaf:leafs)
    { leaf.setColor(new Color(139,69,19)); }

  2. yes, that is awesome, now I'll be singing that all day...
    you put me in mind of another song that I hadn't seen yet
    something like:

    col = Colour("ghostly")
    face.colour = col