Google Takes a Step to Reclaiming "Do No Evil" Status

Sometimes you think the world can never chance, companies and governments won't ever really improve or open themselves to scrutiny, they'll never backtrack because in the end all they care about are money and power.  Well, maybe that's true.  And maybe, Google's famous desire to "Do No Evil" is naive, pie-in-the-sky silliness.  But today, Google did something good.  They released a new feature, called Government Requests, that lists requests from national governments to either see Google's user data or to take down items from their search results.  Some of these requests could be for really good reasons, like removing child pornography or catching criminals under court order.  But google doesn't comply with all the requests, and they tell you how much they do for each country.

So the stats are bound to prove interesting for citizens in lobbying their governments to be more open.

Check it out, then go ask your government to be open about what the requests were for:

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  1. Hardly enlightening when they don't provide any information on what the requests were.