What does 42 mean to you?

This is a call to all geek bloggers out there. This upcoming sunday is 10/10/10 no matter which way you order your Gregorian calendar which is 42 in binary.... If you don't know the significance of that number you can stop reading now, sorry for wasting your time.  It's not my fault you aren't interesting in the answer to the question about the Life, Universe and Everything.  It's not even my fault that you have such a self-important view of our scrappy little piece of dirt called Earth that you don't care about all the news going on in the rest of the galaxy.  That's so like humans. No interest in anyone but themselves.  That's why nobody gave us a ring to let us know about that bypass the Vogon's were building right through our front yard.  They knew we didn't follow the local interstellar planning council motions, and they didn't even give us a call.  Well I hope they're happy.  What happened to that bypass anyways? Oh well, maybe that was a different universe.

Anyways.  The point is, this sunday is Pan-Galactic 42 Day.  So how should we bloggers celebrate or mark this occasion?  I have a proposal, and don't worry this one doesn't have anything to do with political parties making bold and visionary (thus highly unlikely) agreements like most of my proposals.

This proposal is simple. This sunday, on your blog, release a post to be added to that most remarkable of all books ever to come out of the great publishing corporations of Ursa Minor, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  The post should be on the topic your blog normally discusses with the aim of opening the eyes of the shortsighted humans on Earth who usually have no interest in galactic matters.  I will, of course, be writing a summary of the many different, and surprisingly progressive, democratic systems used by other planets in the galaxy and beyond.  How do the Silastic Armorfiends choose their Senators?  How do the sentient matresses of Squornshellous Zeta select their chief negotiator for the next year's mattress culling?  What kind of voting system allowed Zaphod Beeblebrox to become president of the galaxy? And how many sub-triplicate forms do the Vogons needs to fill out to exercise their franchise?  All this and more will be revealed on Sunday.  And you should get writing your own poignant H2G2 entry for 42 Day as well,  this might help .

On the surprising chance that anyone reads this and actually does it I'd be happy to add links to your 42 day blog on this page, but you probably stopped reading this when I got to the Armour Fiends.  Stupid humans.

42 Day Blogs


  1. This sounds a great idea. There are 42day events taking place all over the world so maybe if there are any really good pieces of writing they could be read out at one of the events.
    We have lists of some of the cities involved in 42day at http://fortytwoday.com/ and on the facebook event which is http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=389720830976
    Also watch the twitter tag #42day for latest news.

  2. Great, sounds like people are going to be having fun all over for this. The post will be up Saturday morning here, we'll see if anyone else goes for it.